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Serinus Technology has been selected for CleanEquity Monaco 2017 – The 10th Anniversary – Hosted by Innovator Capital

CleanEquity is an annual invitation-only event hosted by Innovator Capital, the London based specialist investment bank. The conference provides an intimate and collegiate setting for inventors and entrepreneurs to share their stories with delegates – key decision makers looking to assist them with reaching their commercial and strategic goals.

Other partners and sponsors include Prince Albert II of Monaco’s Foundation, Covington & Burling, Cisco EIR, Cision, Cranfield University, Hobbs & Towne, the Monaco Economic Board, Parkview and the Social Stock Exchange.

Serinus Technology has been identified by an expert panel as one of the world’s most innovative sustainable technology companies and has been selected to present to senior financial and strategic cleantech investors, policy makers, legislators, end users and media.

Innovator Capital, established in 2003, is a specialist investment bank advising emerging technology companies on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. Its expertise includes intellectual property and multi national strategic partnering.

Rolv Møll Nilsen, FounderSerinus Technology

Services from SERINUS

Unbiased Building Audit Services Audited IEQ and Energy Accounts

  • Independent control of indoor environmental quality, space utilization and energy consumption profiles over time

Documented Energy Flexibility

  • Use available data to analyse the relation between IEQ, space utilization and energy usage patterns
  • Prediction of space and energy usage
  • Smart Neighbourhoods and Smart City

Indoor Climate, Use and Energy Optimization Services

  • Correlate IEQ and usage patterns with your documented energy consumption to optimize all factors
  • Document IEQ, space utilization and energy efficiency
  • Long term service agreements

Centralised facility management

  • Remote realtime surveillance of buildings and technical installations
  • Notifications/alarms when exceeding threshold levels

SLA between landlord and tenant

  • Health check your building’s IEQ performance and energy consumption
  • Control and revise your service level agreements (SLAs)

Who will benefit from SERINUS

Property owners and managers in acquisition and operation

  • Control actual performance against planned performance
  • Control service level or related agreements related to the building

Property Agents and managers of offices and commercial buildings

  • Differentiate premises and prices based on proven IEQ performance
  • Prepare for peak people loads and reduce energy costs
  • Enhance building and space value proposition to customers

Building maintenance and facility management contractors

  • Centralize surveillance and control of IEQ, building usage, HVAC systems and related technical installations to reduce costs and increase value
  • Realize values through real-time data analysis and proactive targeted maintenance

Owners and users of special purpose buildings

  • Improve IEQ for enhanced working environments and user satisfaction
  • Targeted maintenance based on objective measurements and early warnings
  • Lower energy related operating costs
  • Maximize investment values by improving existing infrastructure and deferring costly upgrades to HVAC and operating systems

Contractors and builders during planning and construction

  • Correlate experience from real-time performance measurements with material properties and components in existing buildings
  • BIM integration facilitates improved planning and execution of new buildings


SERINUS IEQ has its origins in an R&D collaboration between the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg), NCE Smart Energy Markets and the Norwegian Østfold University College. The project developed online measuring of IEQ and energy consumption in order to improve working and learning environments, as well as space management and energy accounts.
Indoor Environmental Quality

Wireless, battery-driven sensors measure temperature, CO2, relative humidity, light, soundpressure and movement in buildings, room by room. Data is presented live in an online dashbord and may also be reported historically.

Utilization – Energy

Real-time knowledge about the actual condition and use of the building gives a better basis for controlling heat, ventilation and air-conditioning. Through smarter facility management, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and shed peak loads to reduce the overall energy costs.

Targeted Measures

Run reports and expose the need for large or small maintenance measures. Targeted maintenance based on documented needs give solutions that are both efficient and cost saving. The effects of these measures will show immediately.

60 % of the buildings we have in 30 years are already built-
90 % of all costs over the lifetime of a building is associated with maintenance, use, changes and rehabilitation-
40 % of global energy consumption is related to buildings-
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The amount of COin the air is measured in ppm. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health consider levels above 1 000 ppm an indication that the air is not replaced quickly enough considering the number of people in the room. High CO2 levels reduce working capacity and cognitive function.

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Indoor temperature is maybe the most important factor for how we experience indoor air quality and climate. While subjective perceptions vary considerably, objective measurements help keep temperatures at appropriate levels at all times.

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Detect noise sources in the building, both from surroundings and from technical installations. Background noise should rarely exceed 30 dB. Record patterns for each room in order to decide where noise canceling measures should be considered.

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By registering movement in each room you can easily get an overview of the use and utilization of the building. This gives the basis to predispose rooms by IEQ score, expected occupancy and energy consumption for a more energy efficient solution.

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Room lighting is crucial for indoor well-being. Insufficient lighting makes it strenuous to read and work, and many experience fatigue and tiredness if the room is too dark. The need for better lighting increases with age.

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High relative air humidity may provide an early indication of potential moisture problems such as mold and rot. On the other hand, air that is too dry can be unpleasant for the users of the building. By monitoring the development and detecting changes over time it is possible to act on problematic developments in humidity and maintain a pleasant indoor air quality.

What do you get with SERINUS?

A solution that measures the unbiased condition of the rooms where the users of the building are.
A solution completely independent of a building’s technical design, infrastructure, management systems or HVAC-solution.
A wireless solution with open API’s and simple data export for use with other systems and applications.
Real-time value

Provides real-time measurements from every chosen room at all times, hence the possibility to reduce energy consumption without compromising indoor environmental quality. Adjust for inertia in both building and technical solutions. Get alerts when deviations are detected, or when a room is approaching predefined min and max values.

Historical data

Replace subjective perceptions with objective measurements: Discover issues, document required maintenance and follow up on the effect of measures immediately. See when each room is in use and get an overview of utilization and use patterns in the building.


With sensors everywhere, online, at all times, you will always know the condition of your indoor climate and save time on collecting data.


Get access to your data, anywhere, at any time, through a simple interface in your web-browser. Or export your data to other applications.


Run predefined reports for the entire building, zone or room by room. Monitor development over time and measure the effect of any maintenance activity.

Get started!

A complete solution, ready to use, is delivered within three months from your order. Contact us for a specific solution proposal!

Improved Environmental Quality Indoor and out
A better environment

Our goal is to make every day as good as possible in the buildings that we use – a high quality indoor environment is crucial for the well-being in schools, kindergartens, offices and healthcare buildings – just to mention a few. By delivering precise data on the indoor climate condition in these buildings, we deliver the foundation for better control of the building’s appliances. Smart facility management for efficient IEQ, space and energy utilization is a crucial step towards solving the global climate change challenges.



SERINUS Technology is an Internet of Things-company. This means that we connect data from different sensors and present it online as a webpage or integrated with other applications.

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